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Supply Chain Organization Design for a Digital Future

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Discussion Topics:

  • Key drivers affecting how we organize supply chain
  • The challenges leaders must overcome in order to change
  • Five organizational design strategies to implement successful change
We are operating in a digital age with 4,000-year-old organizational technology: the hierarchy. Hierarchies, and their byproduct, bureaucracy, keep supply chains and staff from aspiring, challenging and transforming in a disruptive world. Whether you're looking to redesign one function or the whole supply chain, you need to look beyond hierarchies and organizational charts to be successful. This session will outline how the future of work is changing to impact how we organize people. We will discuss how to upgrade your company's approach to organization design to be successful in a dynamic and shifting marketplace. Learn what can and should be done to unleash the power of people in the organization.

Hosted by:

Ken Chadwick

Research VP




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