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6 Tips to Turn Insights Into Extreme Value Messaging

September 25, 2019

Looking ahead, organizations will need to set up a “newsroom” that continuously collects insights and crafts relevant messaging to engage customers and buyers.

The original version of this article, authored by Kevin O'Malley, was published by TOPO, now Gartner. 

Looking ahead, organizations will need to  continuously collect insights and craft relevant messaging to engage customers and buyers. 

Below is a session from our virtual summit where we share how companies are setting up “the newsroom,” turning insights into extreme value messaging and plays.

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Here are six tips on how to turn insights into extreme value messaging: 

  1. Collect insights and mission-critical priorities from the front lines. Set up a newsroom.

  2. Acknowledge buying has changed. Goodbye champions and influencers; hello deputy.

  3. Design high-value meeting offers. Offer insightful experiences linked to mission-critical priorities.

  4. Make buyer insights actionable. Provide sellers with prescriptive guidance.

  5. Adjust messaging templates. Structure to convey empathy, offer value, offer to collaborate.

  6. Enable sellers with snippets. Start with peer stories, make them simple to understand.


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