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Gartner is a trusted source for independent perspectives that your customers depend on to build confidence in their technology decisions, and it is an essential part of any analyst relations strategy. With expanding areas of research and advisory services to match the growing number of roles Gartner supports, there are opportunities for innovative Analyst Relations professionals to gain valuable strategic understanding of the trends impacting your markets and your business

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Gartner Research provides actionable advice, tailored to meet the specific challenges of critical Business and IT roles in your Company. Our research is broad, covering many markets. And it is deep, to support key roles within your organization.

Research services

  • Online access to research documents and databases, enabling you to incorporate Gartner insight into your critical decisions
  • Market research on your buyers, competitors, markets and technologies

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Briefings are a method for your Company to share news about your products and services with Gartner and are considered “on the record”.

Vendor Briefings

  • Anyone, client or non-client, may request a vendor briefing with Analysts that cover their market
  • An opportunity for your Company to educate or update analysts on your direction and/or new product announcements

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Graphic displaying the relationship between you and the Analyst.
Gartner Advisory services offer advice, contextualized for your situation and circumstances.

Advisory services:

  • A confidential, two-way consultative relationship where Gartner Analysts advise you on solving your mission-critical priorities and business challenges
  • 30-minute phone calls or face-to-face strategic sessions with Analysts, where you receive feedback on your ideas, conduct business planning or prepare for shareholder meetings

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