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October 2017  Newsletter

Our AR Forum in Orlando featured a Gartner Company update from Gene Hall, Gartner CEO. Gene discussed Gartner strategy, thanked all of our high-tech industry clients and cited your importance in this fantastic industry that we are all excited to be a part of. Peter Sondergaard, Gartner Executive Vice President and Global Research Head, shared his Research organizations’ mission of enabling our clients' success in what is mission critical to your organizations, described key elements of the Gartner Research strategy and reinforced the Gartner value proposition for our high tech industry clients. We have made available select charts from Peter’s session.

Our AR Forum agenda continued with Ken Davis, Executive Vice President who shared Gartner offering innovations for High Tech Industry Executives, Gartner Peer Insights, the Gartner platform for enabling high tech providers success in sourcing end user customer peer reviews and invited members of the audience to participate in a product Innovation Workshop targeted to AR Professionals. For Gartner AR Community members that would like to share their wants and needs pertaining to our next generation of offerings for AR Professionals, we’re happy to talk with you so e-mail us at

July 2017  Newsletter

Update to the Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice Awards

How was our debut? In June, at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, we announced the first-ever Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice Awards in the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) market. About 270 attendees, including both end users and vendors, joined us for the presentations and reception, and the feedback has been very positive. Here is the video introducing the awards and announcing the arrival of Peer Insights as another trusted source for the enterprise buyer. The full awards ceremony will be available soon on our website.

We arranged for an actual customer to award the trophy to each of the winning vendors, because our mission is to empower customers to recognize the vendors they appreciate most. Gartner also issued a press release announcing the awards and the winners.

What’s next? Given the positive response to our first round of awards, 30K+ reviews and coverage of a growing number of markets, we are happy to announce that the next group of Customer Choice Awards will be given out at the end of September.

Which markets are included in the next set of awards? We will be recognizing vendors in three categories: BI and Analytics Platforms, Enterprise Architecture Tools and Endpoint Protection Platforms. We will announce the winners during the week of September 25 online on the Peer Insights platform, accompanied by a press release for each market.

How will the winners be chosen? We are building on the methodology we used for our initial awards in the SIEM market — balancing the number of reviews and the user ratings. Plus, we’ve added some criteria to ensure that the vendors chosen are representative of the Peer Insights end-user base. We’ve also decided to exclude vendor-incentivized reviews from the relevant data set used to determine the award winners. We remain committed to being completely transparent about our award criteria — you can view the full description here.

What can vendors do now? Continue to encourage your customers to review your solutions on Peer Insights. To qualify for consideration for a Customer Choice Award, vendors need a minimum of 50 non-vendor-incentivized reviews submitted in a particular market over the previous 12 months. To find out more, please view our resources for vendors here or reach out to your dedicated review program manager. If you don’t know who that is, please contact Shannon Wedding ( for help.

New! High-Tech & Telecom Welcome Letter

Gartner New Client Engagement (NCE) began sending out a new HTTP welcome letter on July 1. Setting new-client expectations upfront and showcasing how we help technology providers make the right strategy, product, marketing and sales decisions every day is critical to Gartner success and lays the foundation for a healthy Gartner relationship.

This welcome letter will go out to all new HTTP clients/seatholders upon the start of their Gartner services to remind them how we can best support their mission-critical priorities and provide them with the next steps to kick-start their Gartner relationship.

Save the date! Gartner Analyst Relations Forums are coming up during Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, Florida, on October 3, and in Barcelona, Spain, on 7 November. This year’s forum is your opportunity to:

  • Stay current on Gartner corporate strategy by participating in a Q&A with Gartner CEO Gene Hall
  • Engage with Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President, Gartner Research, for the latest on Gartner research
  • Learn about changes relevant to AR, including briefings, methodologies and analyst coverage
  • Listen as your AR colleagues engage Gartner Research and Ombudsman leadership in debate on key AR issues
  • Network with peers and Gartner staff during the cocktail reception

The AR Forums are open to all high-tech industry professionals with AR responsibilities or interest, who have a valid Symposium/ITxpo ticket.

June 2017  Newsletter

Announcing the Launch of the Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice Awards

What is the Gartner Top 100 IT Vendors report?
The Gartner Global Top 100 IT Vendors report features Gartner’s ranking of IT companies by their revenue across IT (excluding communication services) and components market segments for calendar years 2016 and 2015. It is based on Gartner Vendor Revenue Profiles, which represent Gartner’s analysis of a vendor's reported revenue mapped to Gartner’s market segmentation.

What is the methodology behind the new Gartner Top 100 IT Vendors report?
Vendor Revenue Profiles data is an estimated calendar-year view of a vendor’s reported sales in U.S. dollars across IT, OT and components market segments. Technology market segments are non-overlapping and reconciled with the consolidated view of the vendor’s public financial statements when available. The Gartner Global Top 100 IT Vendors report ranks 100 IT vendors based on a subset of the revenue data available in the Vendor Revenue Profiles.

For the purposes of a Vendor Revenue Profile, a “vendor” is defined as a trading entity that sells a finished product into a channel or directly to end users; it can be a subsidiary, joint venture or division as long as it maintains a separate marketing, sales and customer support structure independent of the parent company or companies. The Gartner Global Top 100 IT Vendors report aggregates these trading entities into “Vendor Groups” based on their ownership structure.

Why is Gartner doing this?
Increasing market complexity, led by transformational technologies and evolving business models, is challenging the way Gartner clients view markets — and the vendors within those markets. Clients tell us they are increasingly analyzing market opportunities and competitors outside traditional market boundaries when they review their product portfolio, investment decisions, potential revenue streams and go-to-market strategy. To that end, they can use this new Gartner ranking of IT vendors to assess the impact of digital disruptors (see Disruptions and Disruptors Are Reshaping the Digital Landscape) on traditional IT vendors, as well as chart the rise of the digital giants; Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent.

How can our AR community find out more?
Contact your account executive to discuss this new report in more detail, or email

April 2017  Newsletter

Announcing the Launch of the Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice Awards

Excerpts from an interview with Richard Cho, GVP, General Manager for Peer Insights & Peer Connect

Why is Gartner doing this? Since the launch of Peer Insights in October 2015, we’ve published over 19,000 verified reviews from customers in large companies. In a handful of markets, we have gathered enough customer reviews to provide a way to recognize vendors that are highly rated by their customers, as a complement to our analyst-driven research (in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities).

How will winners be chosen? The Customer Choice Awards are a ranking of vendors in a given market that take into account both the number of reviews and the overall user ratings. All vendors with an overall review score of 4 stars or higher (link to methodology below) will receive an award; the top 3 vendors will be awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal, respectively and all others will receive an Honorable Mention award. A more detailed look at the award methodology will be described on the Methodologies page of our website in the next couple of weeks.

Which markets will have awards? We are developing the first of the 2017 Customer Choice Awards for the security information and event management (SIEM) market to be announced on June 12th at the Security & Risk Management Summit in Maryland. Over the coming months we will continue to roll out awards in markets where we have sufficient review volume.

What will you do to recognize award winners? We think it’s a tremendous accomplishment when your customers love your solutions. Gartner plans to issue a press release to accompany these awards, along with presenting the awards formally in a ceremony at the upcoming Security summit. We will also provide digital marketing collateral to help award winners drive awareness of their achievement.

What can vendors do now? Continue to drive your customers to Peer Insights to review your solutions. To qualify for consideration of the Customer Choice Award, vendors will need a minimum of 50 reviews submitted in a particular market over the previous year. To find out more, please take a look at our resources for vendors here.

How can our AR Community find out more? We will host a webinar to discuss the details of the Customer Choice Awards and to answer your questions. Please join us at on Thursday, April 13, at 12:00 p.m. ET. Based on questions received, a list of frequently asked questions will be created and posted soon after the webinar.

Anything else? Gartner is committed to making Peer Insights the industry-standard reviews platform for enterprise buyers. The Customer Choice Awards are just the beginning of the kind of value we are adding to Peer Insights for enterprise buyers. Stay tuned for more.