Treatment of Company and Product Names in Gartner Research

Gartner strives to reproduce company and product names exactly as they appear on a vendor’s website. The foundation of our style is the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook. However, we sometimes break with AP in an effort to ensure that our research represents what our clients see in the marketplace.


Gartner applies the following style points when presenting company and product names:

  • Company names are presented in full on first reference, as they appear on the “About the Company” page of a company’s website. Capitalization, spelling, spacing and punctuation are reproduced exactly. However, we do not reproduce “textual effects” such as backward letters, bold or italic type, and varying point sizes and fonts.

  • When the About the Company page gives contradictory guidance, we always go by what is used in the text description of the company, rather than the company name as presented in logos, addresses, copyright lines and elsewhere. If there is a mixture of long and short versions of the name in the text description, we favor the long version on first reference.

  • Product names are treated the same as company names, and the product landing page is the gold standard for determining the proper presentation.

  • Ampersands are used only if they are part of the company’s formal name, but not otherwise in place of “and.”

  • A lowercase “the” is used unless it is part of the company’s formal name.

  • “Inc.,” “Corp.,” “GmbH” and similar abbreviations are omitted, as are their expanded forms (e.g., “Incorporated”).

  • Company and product names are rendered as current at the time of publication. Gartner does not update published research after company rebranding efforts, mergers or acquisitions.

  • We do not reproduce trademark, copyright or service mark symbols.