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Graham P. Waller

Distinguished VP Analyst

Graham Waller is a Distinguished Vice President in Gartner's CEO & Digital Business Leadership research team. He focuses on helping C-level executives with the leadership mindset, behavior and cultural shifts needed to succeed in the digital-era. Topics include; digital ambition, growth mindset, personal branding and leadership development. Mr. Waller is a co-author of two Gartner books: "Digital to the Core" (Bibliomotion, 2015) and "The CIO Edge" (Harvard Business Press, 2010). He currently leads a cross Gartner team exploring the neuroscience and latest breakthroughs in continuous learning.

Previous experience

Mr. Waller came to Gartner from Meta Group, where he led CIO-level research on transformational change as part of the Executive Directions service. This included publishing a significant primary-research, multiclient study titled "CIO as Enterprise Change Agent," as well as conference speaker engagements and serving as an expert analyst in numerous industry press articles on this topic.

Mr. Waller has more than 20 years of experience in driving business results and achieving measurable value from IT-enabled transformation. He has held both IT and business leadership positions within two Fortune 100 end-user and IT service provider companies. He is a hybrid business-IT leader and a recognized authority in the disciplines of leadership and driving value from technology investments.

Professional background

Meta Group

Senior Vice President, Executive Direction


Director, Strategy, E-Marketing and Customer Information


Senior Consultant, Business Value Realization

Areas of coverage

Building and Expanding a Digital Business (retired)

CIO Leadership of Innovation, Disruptive Trends and Emerging Practices

CIO Leadership, Culture and People

Driving Digital Business Transformation for Industry Leadership (retired)

Leading the Next-Generation Workforce (retired)


B.Eng., Electrical Engineering, University of Liverpool

Certification, E-Business Strategy, University of Chicago

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Adapting CEO/CXO leadership and priorities for digital business

2Adding digital mindsets and behaviors to the leadership repertoire

3Cultivating continuous learning as an organization-wide competency

4Embracing a growth mindset to accelerate the change journey

5Defining digital business ambition; optimization and transformation

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