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Greg Aimi

VP, Team Manager

Greg Aimi is a Vice President Team Manager in the Logistics and Customer Fulfillment team. He advises clients on the impact that these technologies have on company performance and helps align their logistics capabilities and technologies with digital supply chain transformations.

Greg was one of the technology pioneers who defined and developed Digital Supply Chain Execution - the automation and integration of transportation, warehousing, inbound supply, global logistics, order fulfillment, and visibility across an integrated supply chain network. His work has focused on the continual re-optimization of supply chain functions in response to changing execution dynamics.

Previous experience

Mr. Aimi joined Gartner following the company's acquisition of AMR Research. Prior to AMR, he was VP of product strategy for supply chain execution suite software (TMS, WMS, LMS, SCVEM and BI). Mr. Aimi also spent several years as Chief Technology Officer and Software Development Leadership for several software firms delivering products such as supply chain and logistics systems, artificial intelligence query tools, and CAD/CAM drawing systems.

Professional background

AMR Research

Director of Supply Chain Research

RedPrairie Software (now Blue Yonder)

VP Product Strategy; Chief Technology Officer

Areas of coverage

Supply Chain Technology Strategy and Selection

Supply Chain Transformation

Logistics and Fulfillment


B.A., Computer Science, Business Management minor, North Texas University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How do I design and develop my end-to-end digital technology strategy to support my desired digital supply chain model capabilities?

2How do I design and develop my digital logistics technology roadmap?

3How do I achieve end-to-end digital logistics visibility?

4How to use TMS technology to help automate and optimize my transportation function?

5How to use WMS technology to help automate and optimize my warehouse and fulfillment function?