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Jeremy D'Hoinne

VP Analyst

As a Research VP for infrastructure protection, Jeremy D'Hoinne assists chief information security officers and their teams to develop strategies to protect against advanced threats. Mr. D'Hoinne's research focuses on network security which includes technologies such as network and web application firewalls, sandboxing and network traffic analysis.

He also collaborates with Gartner's risk management and workforce management teams on how security organizations adapt to bimodal IT, or how they should leverage and evaluate artificial intelligence for security objectives.

Previous experience

Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. D'Hoinne has helped a network security vendor in creating a network firewall, mixing innovations with improvements, and garnering feedback of enterprises. He has defined several product lines and software versions, which provided his company with a strong roadmap and a valuable message supporting its technology.

Using his experience in penetration testing and R&D development, he has developed a set of zero-day protections against various network threats.

Professional background


Director of Product


Security Watch Team Leader


R&D Security Engineer

Areas of coverage

Security of Applications and Data

Infrastructure Security


Master's degree in Engineering, Engineering - Network Security

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Advanced threat detection (ATD) technologies, including network sandbox and network traffic analysis

2Firewalls, and UTM assessment

3Use of artificial intelligence to improve security

4Web application firewall

5Network security decision (segmentation, IPv6, DMZ and data center design, and technology selection)