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Susan Boylan

VP, Team Manager

Susan Boylan is a Senior Research Director in the Logistics, Customer Fulfilment and Network Design team. Susan has a strong background in logistics particularly for FMCG and fresh goods with over 28 years experience in this field.

Previous experience

Across numerous product portfolios ranging from brand leaders to fresh fruit and veg and animal proteins, Ms. Boylan has managed varied logistics operations channels across these three product categories both from an in-house and a 3PL perspective.

Professional background

Kepak Foodservice Solutions

Kepak Foodservice Solutions is a business unit within the Kepak group

Johnson Brothers

Distribution firm handling brand leaders - P&G, Weetabix, Bayer, Coty, Sisheido

Donnelly Fruit & Veg

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable importer and distributor

Areas of coverage

Logistics and Fulfillment


Masters in Strategic Supply Chain Management

Honours Degree in Business Studies

Diploma/Degree - IIPMM Inventory and Purchasing Materials Management

Certificate in Transport Management

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1What evaluation processes and methodologies do we need to use to ensure the correct decisions is made on logistics in-housing or outsourcing

2How we can assist shippers to drive continuous improvement and best practice processes in logistics

3How to develop Logistics Sustainability within your organisation?

4How can we successfully retain and acquire current and future logistics talent

5How to assess current logistics maturity and develop a strategic roadmap to increase maturity levels.