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Thomas O'Connor

VP, Team Manager

Thomas O'Connor is a Vice President Team Manager leading the Supply Chain - Consumer Retail Team. His team researches and advises clients on a wide range of industry focused topics including: supply chain strategy, industry trends, digital commerce, packaging, sustainability, returns and more. He also leads Gartner Supply Chain's coverage of the Asia-Pacific region. He is based out of Sydney, Australia.

Previous experience

Mr. O'Connor has 20 years of business experience, with more than a decade focused on the retail supply chain. Prior to joining Gartner in 2015, he worked on numerous regional and global initiatives at luxury goods leader Louis Vuitton and has direct experience in supply chain leadership, e-commerce design and implementation, store operations, ERP implementation and configuration, sales and operations planning, logistics management, and service analytics. Before entering the world of luxury he was a business leader and engineer in the construction industry.

Professional background

Louis Vuitton

Supply Chain Manager, Australia and New Zealand

Areas of coverage

Supply Chain Transformation

Logistics and Fulfillment

Supply Chain Leadership


Executive M.B.A., University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Combined Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Business, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Certificate in Supply Chain Management, Ecole Centrale Paris University, France

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1What are CEOs top priorities for supply chains (x-industry research) and how can I more effectively engage with BoDs & the C-suite?

2What are the most impactful supply chain trends and best practices for retail and consumer products supply chains?

3How do I improve my retail or CP supply chain maturity and operational performance? e.g. SC Score & retail DDVN

4How do I assess and drive my retail or CP supply chain performance through metrics and benchmarking? e.g. Hierarchy of metrics

5How can I optimize cost and inventory in my retail supply chain?