Increasing Sales Opportunities for a New IT Product


The Value of Gartner Event Sponsorship

LINQ pivoted its business away from consultancy to developing a product. Our client needed advice to understand technology changes and customers’ expectations around solutions to increase sales of their platform. Gartner research and experts provided information not only on customer needs and technology changes but helped in strategizing sales for the organization.

Mission-critical priority

As a startup entering an emerging market, LINQ needed a better understanding of industry trends and to strengthen its partner strategy.

How Gartner helped

Gartner provided the tools and research to enable LINQ to build on its partner strategy. Gartner experts provided toolkits to help guide interviews with potential partners, ensuring LINQ was asking the right questions and could feel confident in their final selections.

Mission accomplished

With support from Gartner for IT Leaders, LINQ successfully:

  • Built and executed their channel partner strategy.
  • Improved data literacy to make confident, data-driven decisions in a new market.
  • Saved time and money by having access to industry-specific research and expertise.

Information Technology and Services

$1 Million+



Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

We needed advice from people who are out there exploring the changes in technology and customer expectations. ...Gartner was really the first choice in terms of the research and agency side of things.

Neil Calvart


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