Sharpening Messaging to Expand Into New Markets

Blu5 Group, a Singapore-base global provider of cyber-resilience solutions, builds technology and service innovation that withstands attacks and continuously delivers the intended capabilities, making mitigating and rebounding from attacks simpler, less expensive and more efficient. To help organizations and businesses turn disruptive events from chaos into opportunity, the company needed to accurately communicate its brand value and capabilities to existing and new markets.

Mission-critical priority

To expand Blu5’s client base and effectively take products to market, the company needed to:

  • Identify gaps in competitive solutions
  • Get competitive intelligence to identify and close product gaps
  • Design product features based on buyer requirements
  • Adopt repeatable and scalable product launch practices
  • Select the right markets for product launches
  • Create and communicate branding and messaging relevant to buyers’ needs
  • Expand its market with continued strengthening of product strategies and positioning to ensure these resonate in new markets

How Gartner helped

Gartner experts provided product and messaging insight, guidance and tools to help:

  • Customize feedback sessions on competitor analysis including SWOT, based on product strategy needs, and identify key competitor positions
  • Define product launch goals and objectives
  • Gain visibility into buyers’ needs
  • Explore customers’ tech requirements
  • Conduct Score module reviews and discuss current views of product launch plans and product refinement expert advice
  • Gather support on launch timing, launch activities, launch communications and sales readiness
  • Review positioning priorities
  • Create messaging relevant to buyers’ needs
  • Develop positioning framework, including persona messaging, storytelling and portfolio messaging

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, Blu5 was able to: 

  • Revise positioning based on feedback and evolving market development
  • Align brand and messaging with market expectations
  • Create actionable and defensible content assets based on competitive analysis
  • Strengthen product strategy
  • Develop new positioning statement and recommendations for cascading through to messaging and storytelling
  • Grab attention and increase business with a whole new category of customer
  • Continuously develop new benefits, without additional costs


USD $10 million



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Gartner offered a lot more than a collection of research documents. They became a part of the team and helped us build the brand

Melvern Chia, COO, Blu5 Group

Paolo Rossini, CEO, Blu5 Group

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