Managing Third Party Supplier’s System Leads to Massive Savings

Innovative software technology company LawMaster was looking to acquire new business, improve sales and get insights into the current marketplace, while adding as much automation as possible. The company also required internal KPIs and procedures across management to help the business scale within the economic constraints of the world.

Gartner reviewed a supplier contract, which led to a cost savings of more than $80K. Gartner also supported LawMaster with its customer engagement process, tripling the closure rate.

Mission-critical priority

Focused on sales enablement, demand generation and business performance management, including:

  • Business strategy development, determining a corporate vision and defining core values
  • Develop clear, consistent external go-to-market messaging targeted at potential buyers through storytelling techniques, including articulating LawMaster’s value as a business
  • Converting more prospects to paying customers via free trial demo techniques
  • Determining key metrics and KPIs within the business to drive a high-performance culture

How Gartner helped

Through invaluable support and guidance from Gartner, LawMaster received:

  • Actionable insight from go-to-market expert analysts on midmarket and global technology roadmaps, including buying decision frameworks
  • Validation of strategies, tactics and roadmaps from an independent third-party perspective
  • Support to develop key marketing messaging and positioning aligned to corporate development strategies
  • Unmetered access to Gartner research and toolkits to substantiate, extend, and support business strategy and product innovation
  • Dedicated industry research focused on trends in technology buyers and spending forecasts

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, LawMaster was able to: 

  • Determine what is important to the business, focus on the value of the solution and develop external messaging based on storytelling techniques, aligned to the strategic intent of customers
  • Alter processes to enhance customer conversion and effective data capturing from customer engagement/demos
  • Successfully upscale through growing the customer base
  • Minimize time wasted conducting own research and resources
  • Triple closure rates
  • Save more than $80K by significantly changing and improving the way supplier systems are dealt with

Software Solutions

$6.5 million approx.


Chief Executive Officer

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for Startup CEOs

The reason I contracted with Gartner was because I knew of their worldwide activity and the enormous amount of knowledge that they encapsulate. I believe you must learn from other people’s experience, and Gartner gives me the opportunity to do that.

David Toohey

Chief Executive Officer, LawMaster

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