Strategic Business Planning for Succeeding at Scale

An emerging software security vendor was struggling to scale the business while managing the day to day demands of rapid growth. Gartner helped the client focus, set priorities and develop a go to market strategy, laying the foundation for successful global expansion into new markets.

Mission-critical priority

The client’s strong technical knowledge and in demand product led to rapid
company growth. Priorities included:

  • Pivoting the business as it grows and additional business expertise to grow at scale
  • Building the business acumen necessary to achieve sustainable, scalable growth
  • Developing sales and marketing collateral to ensure messaging and positioning is resonating with buyers locally and internationally
  • Customer acquisition by generating leads and sales through new partnerships with third party technology vendors
  • Attracting and retaining talent

How Gartner helped

Gartner helped the client by providing:

  • Access to industry experts to support the business as it grows and enhance strategy for higher client retention
  • Toolkits, research and frameworks to develop a clear strategy driving business outcomes
  • Ongoing meetings with Gartner experts helping to validate thinking, identifying top priorities, advice to change course when necessary and fill capability gaps
  • Support to establish a performance baseline through benchmarking
  • A clear strategy to track and measure key performance indicators
  • Advice on how to adapt processes and approaches to maximize value in the face of shifting business priorities

Mission accomplished

With Gartner’s support, the client: 

  • Increased visibility into rapidly changing business needs
  • Developed a well-defined strategy for scaling at the global level
  • Built strong lead generation campaigns and internal marketing function
  • Increased revenue through informed, educated decisions for goals and aspirations driving a high growth business via customer acquisition strategies
  • Identified hiring and capability needs required to support growth

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Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

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We’re so busy with the day-to-day that strategy falls aside. Working with Gartner allows us to set aside time to think about what needs to happen from a business perspective

Daniel Schell

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Airlock Digital

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