Taking a Leading Approach to Global Expansion Supported by Innovative Technology

Plaetos Group, the B2B SaaS human insights company, uses its virtual discussion and advanced human analytics technologies to give leading large enterprises access to rich employee voice data to inform their $300B+ employee experience challenges. Partnering with Gartner, Plaetos Group leveraged precise expertise on go-to-market strategy in the COVID-altered setting, product strategy in the AI and analytics space, channel partner insights and current insight into its global competitive landscape, a must for an Australian-based company.

Mission-critical priority

Moving into a large enterprise market by adding value through Plaetos’ innovative technology offering. This includes:

  • The successful navigation of a complex, and still emerging, global marketplace
  • Understanding and navigating the opportunity for artificial intelligence and human analytics
  • Understanding the unique needs of the target market and where value can be added
  • Developing a go-to-market strategy targeting Fortune 500 companies
  • Scaling the business in light of the business realities that the COVID-19 pandemic brought
  • Making better-informed strategic decisions to avoid costly missteps
  • Access to particular market pain points via customer-facing analysts

How Gartner helped

By partnering with Gartner, Plaetos has:

  • Used global benchmarking and competitive landscape analysis
  • Leveraged Gartner as a sounding board for key GTM strategy and decision making
  • Trusted Gartner to act as an extension of the Plaetos leadership team
  • Developed a business model with a well-informed channel partner strategy as part of market expansion goals, including joint business planning
  • Leveraged Gartner analyst calls, templates and research to execute on the go-to-market strategy
  • Received advice on how to capture a value proposition that resonates with target customers
  • Gained a better understanding of the U.S. venture funding space within the AI and analytics space
  • Prioritized resourcing in a lean organization and provided a future structure roadmap as the company grows

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, Plaetos has: 

  • The confidence to take a leading, not following, approach to global expansion due to Gartner validating thinking and research analysis to support decision making
  • The ability to articulate a stronger value proposition to target markets and investors which helped drive influence, engagement and capital raising, respectively
  • Increased speed to market — getting there faster and smarter
  • Access to market and technical advice on product strategy, providing the company with the confidence to continue expanding analytics and seizing a larger market opportunity arising from the COVID-19 crisis

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Because this is a start-up, it’s a race against time and you don’t have much cash, so anything that can get you smarter faster, is valuable. That means Gartner is a huge resource and has become an extension of our leadership team.

Barbara Sharp

CEO, Plaetos Group

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