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3 Tips to Ensure Your Customer Personas Are Useful

By: Customer Experience Research Team | Feb 06, 2020

79% of CX leaders report their organizations have defined customer personas as part of their CX efforts. But how useful are those personas to business teams making decisions that affect the customer? Useful personas meet the following three conditions.

Personas are based on real, distinct customers.

A persona should embody the characteristics of a real customer and how that customer relates to the brand. While a single persona can represent a type of customer, there should nonetheless be actual people who fit the description.

Personas should also be distinctive. When multiple personas embody the same customer, the resulting insights lack distinction across personas, making it more difficult to understand individual customer needs.

Only unique personas based on reality provide insights into what real customers want and need, and how they view the brand.

Personas are humanized.

Personas should reflect customers as real, human people with needs and concerns. Use pictures and give the persona a name as a way to remind users that they represent people. Avoid showing data as a stand-alone number. Instead, put qualitative and quantitative data into context about what matters to the person.

Persona documents are well-designed.

Presentation matters. Employ basic rules of graphic design to make persona documents easy to navigate, understand, and use by business partners. Organize information in a way that moves from basic to more detailed. Use design elements like bullets, simple images and graphics, and even white space to focus the reader on the most important insights. Be as brief as you can to communicate relevant information.

 CX leaders can encourage business partners to leverage the organization’s customer personas in their decisions by taking these steps to ensure the personas are valuable and usable.