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Ancestry DNA Commemorates Courage

By: Mackenzie Baker | Mar 16, 2020

Ancestry DNA’s ode to women’s history opens up a new chapter for consumers looking to learn beyond just their DNA. 

Launched on International Women’s Day, the brand’s campaign, called Make Them Count, will last until the August Centennial of the first women’s vote in the United States. Ancestry DNA is relying on photographs to create its digital and video campaign to tell female stories. As part of the marketing initiative, the brand is helping consumers trace their roots back to the Suffragette movement—a move that will open up close to 1,000 records for free. Although the campaign is female-focused, the brand hopes the message encourages all people to explore the “generational aspect of family.” By targeting all consumers—despite the female-centered campaign—Ancestry DNA can keep relevance amongst all consumers while still personalizing it to those with connections to the Suffragette movement, according to a Gartner report on the topic.  

Connecting customers to a gripping chapter in American History could lead to increased consumer engagement. The brand sees its campaign as another rationale for connecting to the past, as women have always made up a strong part of the family throughout history. The brand has been posting about the Suffragette movement across its social media channels, encouraging consumers to learn about their ancestors’ stories, using the hashtag #MakeThemCount. In addition to social media, Ancestry DNA has launched a 30-second spot featuring strong women throughout history, and specifically earning the right to vote. The impactful ad will be run across digital and TV platforms. 

Ancestry DNA’s ode to women’s history opens a new chapter for consumers looking to learn beyond just their DNA, and shows other brands what it looks like to embrace consumer stories when advertising.