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Burger King’s Ingredients for Engagement

By: Mackenzie Baker | Apr 02, 2020

With a two-week lockdown in effect across France, Burger King fans in the country began vocalizing how much they missed the signature Whopper burger. The brand’s solution? Release the recipe for customers to make at home. 

Burger King France tweeted out its signature whopper recipe complete with an easy-to-follow picture guide. While the brand’s tweet did not include cooking or grilling instructions, the guide does include the order in which to use each ingredient under the title “Le Whopper De La Quarantine.” The recipe tweet quickly gained traction on Twitter as the platform serves as a primary social listening tool with restaurant brands easily able to engage with users, according to a Gartner report. Following the success of the Whopper recipe, Burger King proceeded to release recipes for other popular menu items including its fish sandwiches and steakhouse burgers. 

With fewer people going out to eat during the pandemic, Burger King’s recipe tweets are a show of solidarity with fans. By encouraging customers to recreate their favorite Burger King meals in home kitchens, the brand could keep customers engaged and loyal in a lighthearted way. Though Burger King France tweeted out the recipe, the ingredients are easy to find in many countries, making the recipe resonate with fans all around the world. 

Burger King is using its social media channels to encourage fans to stay at home—and while they are there, to create their own Burger King experience.