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Discover How Your Data & Targeting Strategy Stacks Up

By: Evan Bakker | Jan 14, 2020

Brands must navigate the realities of consumer desires for increasingly personalized content and more robust data protection by taking a holistic approach to data capture, drawing from both explicit and (increasingly) implicit data sources. To capture brands’ effectiveness in activating implicit and explicit data, Gartner plotted brands on a two-dimensional grid that measured the degree to which those brands target audiences based on these two types of data in a new report, “Activating Explicit and Implicit Data to Personalize at Scale.” 

Gartner defines explicit data as data captured through the active entry of information by an online browser, or data provided to third parties and integrated between brand sites and audience matching vendors or social media companies. This includes demographic data entered on brand sites like age, birthday and gender, as well as any information from surveys or feedback forms, blended to create an audience profile that third-party companies can use. Implicit data, meanwhile, is data based on identified actions and intent proxies, culled based on a user’s session behavior or location, or from data purchased by a marketplace vendor.

Based on their aggregate performance, brands were categorized as Leaders, Data Miners, Streamliners or Laggards.

Leaders leverage their customer databases to serve highly targeted messages across their sites and digital marketing platforms through activating both explicit and implicit data. Brands in this category collect segmentation data through third parties and their own sites, while also communicating how the data is used. Leader brands cut across sectors and tend to be digital innovators.

Data Miners collect explicit data at all points of the customer journey, from email newsletter sign-up to account customization. These brands, however, often fail to translate this into full-fledged marketing campaigns, or do not equally invest in capturing and activating implicit data. 

To view the remaining categories, please read Gartner’s report, “Activating Explicit and Implicit Data to Personalize at Scale.” 

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