Daily Insights

DSW Walks and (Tik)Toks

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 31, 2020

DSW is the latest brand to turn to TikTok as the social media app continues to draw in younger consumers. For its first branded campaign, DSW created a hashtag challenge that gave TikTok users the chance to win gift cards and free pairs of shoes. 

DSW created its #TooManyShoes campaign on TikTok by encouraging users to create videos of themselves showing off different shoes for different occasions. Each video needs to include the hashtag in its caption to be eligible for prizes, which include $500 gift cards and the chance to win a closet full of new DSW shoes. DSW also created the original song “Too Many Shoes” with artists Devmo and Julian Xtra for users to play in their videos. 

To get the campaign off and running, DSW enlisted five TikTok influencers to post their own versions of the challenge. Fashion influencers Brittany Xavier and Rodney Lee were two of the recruited content creators who shared videos of their shoe assortments using the brand’s song and hashtag to their combined 7.2 million followers. Using popular influencers could help DSW connect with younger consumers, as the social media personalities can greatly impact consumer purchases. In fact, 61% of consumers aged 18-34 admit that seeing an influencer shop a brand has led them to do the same. By working with influencers who are specifically popular on TikTok, DSW could target and build a following with the platform’s notably younger user base, according to a Gartner report. With many Gen-Z consumers gearing up for back-to-school shopping, DSW’s new campaign joins other brands, including American Eagle and Hollister, showing off their new collections to young users on the app. 

TikTok’s high interaction rates and loyal audience has led many brands to recently launch branded campaigns. DSW is the latest brand to get on track with TikTok, and with nearly two billion views on the #TooManyShoes hashtag since the campaign kicked off on July 25, the shoe seller may return to the platform sooner rather than later for a second lap on the popular app.