Daily Insights

Food Delivery Devotedness

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jun 19, 2020

Delivery apps, like Grubhub and UberEats, have become meal-providing mainstays during the Coronavirus pandemic. One courier app is now giving users a reason to keep ordering from their favorite restaurants. 

UberEats is expanding its loyalty program by allowing customers to earn rewards from individual restaurants on the app, through the new Restaurant Loyalty Program. Restaurants can opt in to the program and set rewards for customers, virtually building relationships with regular diners. Each order placed by a customer from a participating restaurant will go towards a future reward, with customers able to track on the app how close they are to a reward. UberEats users can gain rewards for the same order from the Restaurant Loyalty Program as well as from the app’s already established program, Uber Rewards, potentially getting double the benefits. Increasing reward offerings could help UberEats gain more repeat visits on its app as consumers have identified rewards programs as an app benefit they are willing to exchange personal data for, according to a Gartner report.  

As app usage soars during the pandemic, UberEats is rolling out an additional feature that allows customers to receive their orders faster. The app’s new Priority Delivery feature lets customers choose to receive their order sooner for an additional cost. Customers placing an order on the UberEats app can now choose from delivery options including “Priority Delivery”—where orders could arrive up to 15 minutes quicker for a fee of $0.99—or the “No Rush” feature, a separate option that tells delivery people they can take their time in delivering the order. As diners often browse courier apps to find the best deal for a restaurant, the new features could help UberEats differentiate itself from competitors like Grubhub and build a loyal customer base as users get hooked onto earning rewards. 

As food delivery becomes a more enticing option for socially-distant diners, courier services are diversifying their services to stand out. UberEats’ newest features could appeal to customers looking for both instant gratification and gamification by not only getting them their food faster, but looping them into a rewards system that makes each order placed even more satisfying.