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Gucci’s Gaming Garments

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 17, 2020

Gucci is stepping up its game with a new collection curated specifically for gamers. Using the brand’s app, virtual fashionistas can cloak their characters in everything from activewear sets for a tennis game to runway dresses for a fashion-themed game

Gucci is betting big on video games to help boost its image and sales. With more than 2.5 billion people playing video games a year and spending $100 million on virtual goods, the luxury label’s bet could pay off. The average gamer is 33, upper-middle class, and spends an average of seven hours a week gaming. By integrating its current fashions into the virtual world, Gucci could appeal to these consumers in a space they are spending a significant amount of time. In addition to connecting with consumers through its own app, Gucci widened its reach in the video game industry by featuring its designs on the styling game Drest as well as the sneaker-themed venture, Aglet

While promoting its products in video games alone could help Gucci captivate consumers, the label has taken things a step further by actually selling products in the virtual worlds. Gucci is preparing for the release of a new virtual sneaker app called Sneaker Garage where players can design, “try-on”, and purchase their own branded sneakers. However, the game comes with a catch—the digital products will have no physical equivalent, meaning the shoes stay within the app. The initiative could open up a new revenue stream for Gucci as well as an alternative sales opportunity for other luxury labels to tackle. Hosting virtual interactions through video games could keep consumers engaged for longer and feel more connected to a luxury brand, according to a Gartner report. Luxury fashion and gaming have converged multiple times in the past year, such as with Burberry’s branded games, Valentino’s feature in Animal Crossing, and Estee Lauder’s beauty-themed arcade. 

The steady stream of gaming and garment collaborations signal a shift in how luxury fashion is not only perceived, but purchased. With fashion still developing its role in gaming commerce, Gucci’s plethora of creations could make it one to watch for virtual innovations.