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How to Assess Your Website Before Launching a Redesign

By: Nicole Greene | Jan 02, 2020

Websites are a key part of any multichannel marketing strategy, but the pace of change can render their functionality and content quickly obsolete. 71% of marketing leaders report that they redesign their websites every one-to-three years (and refresh the content more often). But without high-level awareness of the role the website plays in the larger multichannel strategy, those redesigns can get bogged down by expensive improvements that do little to benefit the customer or, by extension, the business.

To ensure a successful and high-impact redesign, start with a thorough assessment of the current website and what a redesign needs to accomplish to meet business needs. Use the Gartner four-level Website Progression model to assess the current performance of your website along the dimensions of strategy, content, degree of customer focus, integration with other channels and technology:

Level One sites provide basic content and functions, but lack a clear strategy and operate independently from other digital channels, with content suited more to the needs of the business than to the customer. 

Level Two sites are grounded in a strategy based on tactical engagement data and contain general content that is consistent with other channels, but rarely updated. Level Two technology offers basic functionality but few integrations with other platforms or sources of data.

Level Three sites are built with a clear understanding of the role they play in the customer’s multichannel journey. Marketing collaborates with business units to develop content, update it to drive current campaigns, and optimize it for specific personas and moments. Data related to web activity is integrated with activity from other channels to provide insights and performance metrics.

Level Four sites are grounded in a clear strategy consistent with the larger goals of the business and executed at scale. Personalized content is grounded in current and integrated multichannel customer data. Tests of the website platform and content performance take place continuously, with ongoing improvement in response to customer and business needs.

Understanding where your firm’s website performs today and what development it needs to move toward level four is a necessary first step before marketing teams can prioritize its goals for the redesign. Only with that insight can marketers move on to scope the project.