Daily Insights

How to Nail Customer Service

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Mar 29, 2019

Shopping often begins with a question. Here’s how The Home Depot is putting this knowledge to good use.

Live chat is the favored customer service channel for shoppers aged 18 to 49, followed by phone calls. But while 62% of retailers have adopted live chat on desktop, only 55% of them offer live chat on the mobile site, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Big Box—a misstep in mobile conversion.

The Home Depot, on the other hand, nails the mobile experience. In fact, it just launched a branded SMS experience through Apple Business Chat, a support service hosted within iOS Messages. The service functions as a curated shopping tool, personalizing product recommendations based on customer queries and providing links to relevant product pages. Shoppers can even make purchases directly using Apple Pay.

Having consistently held one of the top three spots in Gartner L2’s digital rankings for years now, The Home Depot has proven its knack for digital excellence. Even if they can’t do it on the same scale, other brands can still take a tip or two from The Home Depot on how to visualize digital assets to best serve the consumer. Retailers without live chat can invest in alternatives such as chatbots, or they can tack on advanced filtering options to otherwise cluttered product search results. At minimum, they can bulk up product pages with question-and-answer platforms, a simple way to prevent confusion.