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Marketers Who Take a Best-Of-Breed Approach Use More Technology Capabilities

By: Colin Reid and Benjamin Bloom | Dec 16, 2019

A familiar battle wages within technology buying groups. On one side sits advocates for best-of-breed technology solutions with market-leading functionality. On the other are those who prefer the simplicity of integrated technology suites with broad but average capabilities. Given that hundreds and even thousands of marketing technology vendors have emerged in the past decade, it is no surprise that the technology suite advocates held the upper hand in martech buying decisions. But no more.

The Gartner Marketing Technology Survey 2019 finds that 56% of North American and UK-based martech buyers prefer best-of-breed solutions, a six-percentage-point increase from 2018. Best-of-breed buyers are getting more out of their technology as well. They use 60% of the functionality they have available, compared to the 53% used by marketers with integrated suites.

Best-of-breed martech also outperforms suites. Forty-eight percent of best-of-breed buyers report their martech meets current business needs, compared to just 27% of integrated suite buyers who say the same.

Whether your organization opts for best-of-breed or suites, however, it appears that simply having a preference leads to better outcomes. Organizations spend about 8% less when they choose just one approach, and are more optimistic about the effectiveness of their martech capabilities. This finding suggests that organizations with a preferred approach are more likely to have put in the time to develop a technology roadmap and martech strategy, resulting in more grounded decisions about which tech they need and where to best invest budget.