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Oscar Mayer Fires Up the Grill

By: Mackenzie Baker | Apr 24, 2020

Oscar Mayer is showing people what a safe, socially distant cookout could look like with its new campaign. “Front Yard Cookout” illustrates everyone in a neighborhood grilling in their own driveways and waving to neighbors across the street. For the campaign, the brand is hosting a nationwide Front Yard Cookout on May 2nd. As a part of the campaign, Oscar Mayer is also donating one million meals to Feeding America. To further its relief efforts, fans are encouraged to post their outdoor barbecue pictures using the hashtag #FrontYardCookout on Twitter, which could help the brand boost interactions, according to a Gartner report. For each fan’s cookout photo posted on the platform, Oscar Mayer will donate an additional meal to the nonprofit, up to an additional million meals. 

Summer cookout season is traditionally a top-selling time for Oscar Mayer and parent brand Kraft-Heinz, but the Coronavirus pandemic could make things a little different this year. The brand’s resilient push to keep cookouts alive could give fans a taste of what barbecuing with friends looks like in a pandemic. Adding relief efforts to its light-hearted campaign could also help the brand gain traction with fans, as American consumers expect brands to support those in need during the crisis. To promote Front Yard Cookout, Oscar Mayer released a short video ad inviting people to roll out their grills and stay “12 hot dogs apart”. The ad will run across social and digital channels to build up anticipation. 

Grilling out is a summer staple for many Americans, and though times are different, Oscar Mayer is making the effort to retain a sense of community and normalcy for consumers.