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Pepsi Tackles Tailgates

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 30, 2020

With the NFL season in full swing, Pepsi helps fans “homegating” keep their favorite game-day traditions alive. 

Pepsi’s new Tailgate In A Box campaign brings the fun and games of an NFL tailgate to fan’s yards. With many stadiums barring spectators during the Coronavirus pandemic, Pepsi’s campaign could help homebound viewers make the most out of game days. For the initiative, Pepsi hosted a sweepstakes where 20 fans could win $5,000 worth of Pepsi products and football paraphernalia via a 16-foot box delivered to their front door. The Tailgate In A Box prize includes an outdoor projector to stream games, a team-customized cornhole set, and a variety of PepsiCo food and beverages. Fans of any NFL team could enter to win through a microsite created as part of Pepsi’s recently launched Made For Football Watching campaign. As a long-time NFL sponsor, Pepsi’s shift from in-person to at-home marketing could help it sympathize with current fan circumstances while still sustaining its sports advertising prominence. 

To give consumers a taste of its new sweepstakes, Pepsi released a commercial showing off its Tailgate In A Box prize. Using a New York Jets fan’s front yard, Pepsi set up a grill, inflatable jet, stadium lighting, and tables full of game-day snacks. The commercial runs on TV and streaming services, where it could reach football fans and encourage them to enter the sweepstakes. Pepsi also leveraged its engagement dominance on Twitter and Instagram, according to a Gartner report, to build buzz around the prizes using the hashtags #Homegate and #TailgateInABox. Through its commercial and social media advertising, Pepsi could entice consumers to recreate the tailgating experience—with its products—which could further boost brand awareness and sales. The Tailgate In A Box campaign can serve as a blueprint for future Coronavirus-era marketing strategies, which could leave brands of all backgrounds turning to Pepsi for ways to increase brand awareness with at-home sports fans. 

Pepsi’s newest campaign brings home the fun and games of tailgating as it vies to be the beverage of choice with football fans. The Tailgate In A Box experience could help NFL viewers feel entertained and more connected to their teams while also raising loyalty to Pepsi.