Daily Insights

Pinterest’s Candy Cauldron

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 18, 2020

Pinterest and candy maker Ferrero pull out all the spooky stops to get users ready for Halloween. 

Ferrero’s new 31 Days of Halloween campaign uses Pinterest’s shoppable pins and influencer posts to promote its confectionery treats every day in October. Candies including Butterfinger, Crunch, Baby Ruth, and Tic Tac will be featured across the platform during the 31-day campaign, which will see different treats paired with Halloween content, such as costume and trick-or-treating ideas. By using shoppable pins, Ferrero can direct Pinterest users to its own sites where they can purchase the candy or products featured on the platform. The campaign could whip up excitement for Halloween with children and adults by helping them discover new ways to celebrate yet another Coronavirus pandemic-impacted holiday. 

Pinterest has become the destination of choice for travel inspiration and seasonal shopping, and now has an opportunity to directly connect with holiday enthusiasts. With tech-savvy, millennial parents frequenting Pinterest the most, the candy-coated campaign could tap into their Halloween-planning spirit and boost loyalty. Ferrero could also grow consumer allegiance with the 90% of millennial moms who deem chocolate and candy an essential part of Halloween by utilizing shoppable pins and Pinterest’s highly interactive features, according to a Gartner report. Despite—or perhaps because of—current pandemic conditions, 74% of consumers believe this year’s Halloween will be more important than those of years past, which could help Pinterest and Ferrero’s timely campaign resonate deeper still. As such, the brands have an opportunity to connect with even more consumers seeking out Halloween-centric content and candy by catering pins to their interests. 

Using Pinterest’s visually appealing and e-commerce friendly features, Ferrero could connect with Halloween enthusiasts across the country. The campaign allows the sweets brand to boost sales beyond the candy aisle and drive consumers to Pinterest in search of the perfect Halloween treats and tricks.