Daily Insights

Red Bull’s Social Spin

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 19, 2020

While Red Bull typically hosts an annual, in-person dance battle, this year the beverage brand’s competition makes a move for a social platform that has become synonymous with dancing—TikTok. 

Red Bull’s “Dance Your Style” campaign includes a bracket-style competition that allows TikTok users to vote for their favorite dance videos on the app. Until November 15, users could post a video of themselves dancing to the Black Eyed Peas “Get Loose Now” and use the hashtag #RedBullDanceYourStyle to be entered into the contest. Using TikTok’s poll functionality, TikTokers can then vote on their favorite videos from November 25 – December 13. Eight TikTok applicants will make it to the “finals” where they will dance head-to-head against professionals pre-selected by Red Bull. The final dance off will take place in-person next year, in anticipation of the pandemic ending. By making the most of Coronavirus lockdowns to incorporate TikTok talent into its traditionally in-person event, Red Bull could grow a following on the app and increase its chances of the campaign going viral, which in turn could keep it top of mind with consumers across social media. Additionally, postponing the campaign finale could allow Red Bull to extend user engagement and build anticipation around the event. 

Red Bull started the Dance Your Style content in 2018, but this year marks the first time it will be held primarily on social media. Given TikTok’s role in turning app dancers into influencers, moving its contest there could help Red Bull align itself with content creators and viral trends. As many food and beverage brands continue to rely solely on Instagram and YouTube to meet consumers according to a Gartner report, working with TikTok could help Red Bull stand out against competitors and create its own unique social media presence. Since the contest kicked off on November 5, Red Bull’s campaign hashtag has been viewed more than 3 billion times. The viewer surge could help Red Bull make a name for itself on TikTok and set the stage for future dance-themed social media campaigns. Though TikTok has seen increased usage rates during the Coronavirus pandemic, setting up annual campaigns like the Dance Your Style contest could help it sustain growth for years to come. As brands like Red Bull adjust their promotions to be experiential-friendly, TikTok’s entertainment enterprise could help it become the go-to platform for media marketing. Turning to TikTok could also help Red Bull engage younger audiences, as 33% of consumers between 12-17 drink energy drinks regularly. 

Red Bull’s Dance Your Style campaign turns a traditionally in-person experience into a social media spectacle. By working with TikTok, the energy drink dealer could upsurge its popularity and keep fans dancing no matter where they are.