Daily Insights

Skincare Brands Come Out to Play

By: Victoria Mauriello | Nov 20, 2019

Skincare brands are on the rise this year, with the volume of skincare online sales surpassing color across retailers. Although skincare brands have traditionally struggled with Instagram engagement due to the category’s nonvisual nature, brands have ramped up platform activity and increasingly used it as an awareness tool. 

While color brands’ average owned interactions declined 5% from April 2017 to June 2019, skincare brands’ engagement rates rose 2% on the platform. Moreover, on average, skincare brands have 40% more engagement than color brands and have 44% more follower growth as well.

Skincare brands have actively experimented with Instagram Stories as consumers shift their app time to the Stories feature. Due to the sequential nature of Instagram Stories content, skincare brands are able to play to their strengths in product authority. Six of the top ten brands with the greatest year-over-year increases in Stories use are skincare brands like La-Roche Posay and The Ordinary. Among skincare brands tracked in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty US, 83% leverage the Stories Swipe Up feature, compared to 73% of color cosmetics brands. Half of users look for products on websites after seeing them featured in Stories posts, and skincare brands quickly reacted to this behavior by utilizing Swipe Up integration to connect to commerce pages. Instagram’s continued investment in new Stories features, such as Q&A and poll formats, enables skincare to drive more interactive experiences for consumers. Given the rise of the skin-first approach to beauty, Stories help skincare brands establish an active, engaging presence on Instagram.