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Sugar Coated Entertainment

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 16, 2020

Gummy candy brand Trolli released its first video game, but fans have to jump through some hoops to access it. 

Trolli’s “Deliciously Dark Escape” game runs on a secret website, only accessible to those who scan a QR code found on Trolli gummy worm packages. Once scanned via smartphone, users can play the game, where they are challenged to protect their gummy avatars from various obstacles including bots, lasers, and firewalls. The QR code will also allow access to a 14-day PlayStation Plus Trial and a Trolli Dynamic theme for PS4 devices. The video game promotion could help Trolli interact with younger consumers and tap into the gaming trend other brands, such as Burberry and Estée Lauder, have recently zoomed in on. Trolli’s video game arrives after a study by the brand found “significant crossover” between gamers and fans of the candy, which means it could already appeal to a captivated audience, according to a Gartner report. By merging gaming and candy consumption, Trolli could sweeten up connection with gamers and potentially spark candy sales. 

At least 75% of U.S. households have at least one gamer, making the opportunity ripe for brands to engage consumers through video games. With “Deliciously Dark Escape”, Trolli could attract the 21% of gamers who are under 18, potentially scoring a loyal following of young consumers. Releasing the game right before Halloween—one of the largest candy holidays of the year—could also further Trolli’s appeal to young gamers and help it stay top of mind when they go to the store. With the Coronavirus pandemic upending traditional Halloween promotions, Trolli has increased its e-commerce capabilities to enable digital candy purchases and entertainment. Promoting its candy and candy-themed video game could spur an increase in sales and boost Trolli’s digital presence, which could help it stand out amongst other candy brand’s Halloween promotions, like Hershey’s or Sour Patch Kids. 

Many brands have revamped their Halloween promotions amid the ongoing pandemic, but while others turned to social media, Trolli turned to video games. By playing into video gaming trends, Trolli can reach younger consumers and differentiate itself from candy competitors.