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Sundae School

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 09, 2020

Ben & Jerry’s gives the scoop on racism’s history in its new podcast, “Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism In America”.

The creamery teamed up with Vox Media to bring unrestricted dialogue about police brutality, climate change, and discrimination against Black Americans to listeners across the U.S. The candid conversations are the brand’s latest move to educate consumers on the history of racism in the country. In addition to its strong call to “dismantle white supremacy” earlier this year, Ben & Jerry’s has garnered a loyal following through its stance on social justice. It could now transfer its large social media and online fan base to Apple Podcasts, where listeners can tune in to Who We Are. . The podcast kicks off on September 15 and includes six, 30-minute episodes based on a presentation by Jeffrey Robinson, director of the ACLU Trone Center for Justice and Equality. The series host is Carvell Wallace, a New York Times bestselling author. 

Ben & Jerry’s podcast could tempt the 68% of U.S. consumers who expect brands to take a firm stance around racial justice. By covering tough topics, such as how “white supremacist ideals are ingrained in the American justice system”, Ben & Jerry’s could use its large platform to educate listeners and solidify its position as a social justice ally. While in the past Ben & Jerry’s has frequented Instagram and Twitter to spread its message alongside delectable ice cream posts according to a Gartner report, a shift to the podcasting space—where it relies on words more than images—could help it reach younger, cause-oriented consumers who in recent years have favored audio streaming to engage with companies. Ben & Jerry’s joins a growing list of brands launching podcasts to reach listeners during the Coronavirus pandemic, including Ford and Kraft Heinz. By holding in-depth conversations about current societal issues, Ben & Jerry’s could set a standard for how brands react to causes their customers care about. 

Ben & Jerry’s continues to move beyond its core commodity to engage socially-conscious consumers. Its new podcast could help to further spread the word on current issues and promote self-education in addition to ice cream indulgence, which could bring in new listeners and customers.