Daily Insights

Tempted to Travel?

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jun 11, 2020

Public interest in travel is slowly rising as destinations reopen following the Coronavirus pandemic. As travelers begin to plan trips, Booking.com is offering incentives to help them take the plunge. 

As one of the world’s largest travel agencies, Booking.com has been a go-to site for travel “dreamers”, or those who are planning a trip, but are not quite ready to purchase plane tickets or hotel rooms just yet. To help travelers turn their potential vacations into reality, the platform is running a new promotion that gives guests up to 5% cashback when they create a wishlist on Booking.com’s travel app. Recently, the brand has seen double the amount of prospective travelers adding properties and destinations to their wish lists as consumer behavior begins to shift in favor of traveling again. 

By differentiating its mobile app experience to cater to user search behavior, Booking.com could incentivize guests to spend more time on its platform, according to a Gartner report. Analyzing guest’s wishlist locations could also help the brand hone in on travel trends, including the top locations travelers are looking to visit as restrictions are lifted. Local travel has been on the rise in particular as travelers remain apprehensive of journeying abroad. Booking.com noted an increase in interest for warm-weather destinations including Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Miami Beach, Florida. Though Booking.com held a “Resolution Resort” campaign at the beginning of the year, it paused the campaign—and all of its advertising—with the onset of the pandemic, as the brand deemed promoting vacations during a crisis inappropriate. The wishlist promotion marks the brand’s return to marketing, though it is still refraining from social media advertising for the time being until traveling rates return to “normal”. 

Travel may be a long way from returning to what it was, but that’s not stopping consumers from daydreaming of the trips they’ll take. As travelers enter the early stages of vacation planning again, Booking.com’s new incentives could inspire them to keep on planning.