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The Case of Cart Abandonment

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 10, 2021

Complex Networks wants to cut down on cart abandonment.

As one of the latest publishers to rely on the Google News Initiative to bolster its reader revenue businesses, Complex Networks is concentrating on pinpointing the drop off point and areas of friction that deterred people from pressing the final checkout button on its Complex Shop—the publisher’s e-commerce platform that curates items for more than 100 brands and sells branded merchandise from its portfolio of brands and shows.Following the first six-month-long phase of the partnership, which kicked off this past summer, Complex Shops saw a 300% increase in conversion rates after improving its user experience.

One of the changes Complex made was adding a “continue shopping” button in its website’s cart page, turned the rotating carousel of products on the homepage into a static click-through display. The company also created a new retargeting email for when a user abandons their cart. Finally, the Shop team updated the search function to be more prominent on its site and mobile page by adding a magnifying glass icon. By simply making the search bar more visible, Complex was able to track trends by seeing what users frequently searched for. This data could then be used to figure out what products to stock in the Complex Shop. To top things off, Complex began offering free shipping on orders as a seasonal promotion to drum up interest and usership in its revamped site.

The series of changes marks a new era for e-commerce that’s based on the idea that if consumers are willing to buy a pair branded sneakers from that brand’s site, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t want to purchase the same item from a publication they often read.

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