Daily Insights

The Evolving Search Landscape

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Dec 04, 2019

Planning a trip is not what it used to be. As Google strives to create a one-stop-shop for travelers and Airbnb Experiences continues to grow in popularity, luxury hotel brands must adapt to users’ growing expectations when they book on site.

From how brands incorporate experiences and customization into the booking process to who dominates the current search space, join Gartner’s complimentary webinar on how to expertly implement more holistic travel planning features to reduce the chances of users visiting third-party alternatives. On December 12th at 11 AM EST, we will explore how experiences should translate on social media and how brands leverage content from partnerships and influencers to generate authentic buzz.

Expect to gain a 360-degree perspective on what strategies your brands can apply to punch above your weight class in the evolving search landscape.