Daily Insights

The Millennial Motel

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 08, 2019

Millennials have high standards when booking a hotel. While the price of a stay is important, how “Instagrammable” the accommodations are may be even more significant. 

The majority of millennials and Gen Z engage in the social media trend of “travel bragging” where idealistic and trendy looking photos are posted to make others envious. With the rise of this trend, many hotels are focusing more on interior designs and changing landscapes to create frames perfect for social media posts. In addition to the emphasis put on taking Instagram-worthy pictures, half of millennials surveyed said they would not book a hotel if its website was difficult to navigate. 

Brands like Hilton and Marriott have thrived off of their easy-to-use websites, allowing guests to book a stay in just a few clicks. Other brands have found success in advertising on Google’s Hotel Finder and TripAdvisor, according to Gartner L2’s report on this topic. 

 While many millennials admitted that they would book a hotel based on pictures seen on Instagram or Facebook, the majority would be unwilling to return, no matter how good the aesthetics, if the place had a bad Wifi connection. These prioritizations on digital accessibility and appearance are something the traditional hotel industry may not be prepared for. 

Hotels need to be prepared for the rising social media savvy clientele, who could both help and hurt their reputation. Those that enjoy their stay may be more inclined to post pictures or tag the hotel in their posts, providing vast free advertising to attract future guests.