Daily Insights

The Power of Instagram Storytelling

By: Karen Lee | Oct 21, 2019

Visited by half a billion users each day, Instagram Stories is one of the most popular social features. That said, it is no surprise that 90% of analyzed brands in Gartner L2’s Social Platforms & Influencers 2019 report have adopted Instagram Stories—a 13% increase from the previous study. 

With such high adoption, brands are faced with the pressure to stand out when deploying content. The influx of new Stories features has made iteration and adaptation key. Ulta, for instance, experimented with the quiz feature on Stories by testing users on their supplement knowledge, then linking them to a category page of their supplement selection. 

The Instagram Stories Highlights feature allows brands to display notable posts and ensure they do not disappear in 24 hours. The report found that almost 90% of analyzed brands that utilize Instagram Stories employ Highlights. On average, sectors have nine Highlights categories on their brand accounts, with Fashion brands leading at seventeen. With Highlights, more is not necessarily better: one tracked brand had 100 Highlights categories—overwhelming, to say the least. Brands like Nikon limit Highlights to seven categories, which minimizes how much users must scroll while browsing. The camera brand also names its Highlights categories with short titles accompanied with custom graphics, further clarifying what each category contains.