Daily Insights

The Power of Negative Reviews

By: Cymone Thomas | Sep 23, 2020

Consumers appreciate speed and rarely tolerate slow loading pages, broken links or apps. The younger the demographic, the more likely they are to voice their displeasure online. This is precisely what happened when a Citizens Bank app update hit a glitch. Customers took to the Google Play store, flooding it with one- and two-star ratings and airing their frustrations, including trouble logging in and being unable to send payments. These valid grievances eroded the app’s 4.3-star rating to just 2.5 stars in a matter of weeks. What’s clear is that customers loved the old app.

 Citizens Bank won’t be the last company to fall foul of faulty app updates, but it’s definitely a blip that it can bounce back from. The national bank ranked Gifted in Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Retail Banking, scoring particularly high for digital commerce and social media. Unsurprisingly, Citizens Bank customers also unleashed waves of complaints on its Twitter and Facebook pages, seeking an expedited resolution. It’s for this very reason why some companies approach social media with caution, as failure to meet customer needs effectively on these platforms can erode customer confidence and taint brand image. However, Citizens Bank jumped into social customer service with both feet. According to a Gartner report, Citizens Bank sits among the 19% of analyzed brands that offer a dedicated customer service Twitter handle alongside its main account. This demarcation between accounts can reduce the average Twitter reply time and gives primary handles a more focused communication strategy.

 Citizens Bank is also primed to respond to queries on Facebook, with both the Message pop-up icon and the Send Message button enabled. However, the bank typically responds within one day, which lags customer expectations for immediacy. Retail banks that scored highly for customer service reply within an hour, give automatic responses, and present preset questions. While the latter two features incur initial investment, they can help companies better triage inquiries and expedite issue resolution. 

All is not lost for Citizens Bank. A swift technological resolution coupled with clear and empathic communications across all touchpoints will go some way in restoring peace and confidence among its customers.