Daily Insights

The State of IGTV

By: Karen Lee | Oct 08, 2019

The success of video content among social media users continues to rise. Average interactions for Instagram video posts skyrocketed by 50% year over year—in contrast to a modest 6% increase for image posts, according to Gartner’s Social Platforms & Influencers report. Despite a large amount of hype, IGTV faced an underwhelming debut with disappointing view counts, unwieldy navigation and unsavory content being recommended to users. This, however, hasn’t stifled brand adoption: almost 66% of brands on Instagram employ IGTV, with fashion and department store brands leading at 91% and 88% adoption, respectively. 

Isolation from other Instagram assets is one of the key obstacles that brands face with IGTV. To bridge this gap, brands like Victoria’s Secret have integrated IGTV content into both its feed and  Stories. Promoting IGTV content on a brand’s feed or on Stories has driven a 300-1000% increase in views compared to siloing it.

Brands can also gain more views by partnering with other companies. Kate Spade, for example, leveraged Refinery29’s audience in June 2019 to launch a women-centered video series. Each IGTV video was posted on Refinery29’s Instagram account instead of Kate Spade’s. These averaged over 70,000 views, almost seven times the average amount of views Kate Spade garnered on all of its IGTV videos.