Daily Insights

The Three C’s of Digital Delivery

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 19, 2019

There’s no denying comfort and convenience are king when it comes to consumers. Now, there’s a new “C” to add to the list: customization. As demand for the three C’s increases, restaurants must translate in-store experiences from offline to online as seamlessly as possible. Here’s how brands can go the extra mile to make the digital experience a delicious and personalized one.

When it comes to the ordering process, item customization is table stakes, as 98% of brands with e-commerce mobile apps allow customers to make changes to their order (e.g., size, add-ins, toppings) according to Gartner L2’s recent insight report on the topic. However, only 70% are designed to let customers build a meal and fewer still allow them to submit written instructions for their app order. Brands need to go further. Features like suggested add-on products and localized store information can bridge the gap between the in-store and app experience.

One example of a brand that takes customization to the next level is Starbucks, whose mobile app offers food suggestions to go with drinks based on the customer’s previous orders. Additionally, it asks for the customer’s location in order to find the nearest store and updates category and product pages with available inventory. Similarly, Taco Bell keeps the customer in mind by clearly listing options to “change what’s included” in the app order and offers add-on items to build a full meal on while on product pages. The Taco Bell app also encourages customers to find their nearest store so it can adjust pricing and menu items for a more reliable and accurate experience up front.

For restaurants that cite mobile ordering and payment as a growing percentage of US transactions in their quarterly earnings, the mobile experience offers multiple touchpoints to not only satisfy the customer but to upsell products. In translating in-store experiences to digital ones, restaurant leaders should focus on providing suggestions for add-on’s so that consumers go from ordering a product to ordering a meal, and re-routing users to localized store information to increase their site and app value proposition.