Daily Insights

The Top Values Held by LGBTQ Consumers

By: Jack Mackinnon | Jan 27, 2020

Benetton showed the way with its United Colors campaign, but now other brands are using advertising to express support for social movements within the LGBTQ community. From Visa’s “Love. Accepted Everywhere” ads, to jewelry brand Tiffany’s “Will you?” marriage equality campaign, brands are embracing pride.

The open acceptance expressed in these ads is in line with the values that matter to LGBTQ consumers. The Gartner Consumer Values and Lifestyle Survey, 2020 finds that equality ranks as the second most important value for both LGBTQ men and women. Sustainability earned first-place honors. The connection between the two could center on the rising awareness that environmental issues are equality issues, given the outsized impact climate events have on poor and underserved communities.

LGBTQ consumers differ most from the rest of the consumer population in the importance they place on environmentalism and on sensuality, or experiences that please the five senses. Of the 93 statements ranked by survey respondents, LGBTQ placed environmentalism 47 rank places higher than non-LGBTQ consumers. Sensualism ranked 37 spots higher than average.

Marketers hoping to connect with the LGBTQ consumers should communicate their authentic efforts to promote equality and environmentalism. By tapping into the LGBTQ value of sensuality, marketers can emphasize the joy that comes through connection, preservation, protection, and sustainable action.