Daily Insights

The Video Commerce Come Up

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Jul 24, 2019

While videos have historically raised brand awareness or provided product information, brands increasingly use them further down the purchase funnel.

Best-in-class brands take the lead on video commerce, providing links to product pages, either alongside their videos or directly on the videos themselves according to Gartner L2’s report on the topic.

A clear indicator of video commerce’s rising importance is Amazon’s launch of a commerce-oriented video hub. The retail giant devotes prime real estate on its homepage to promote its “Watch & Shop” section. Split into categories such as Home and Food, these pages deliver on its commerce-driven objectives, containing only videos, video descriptions and links to product pages.

Sephora favorite Fenty Beauty has also taken the leap into video commerce. However, instead of providing separate links to commerce, the links are embedded within the videos themselves. Each tutorial in the beauty brand’s video hub is broken down into Clickable Stops in Shoppable Video Links to PDP PDP Links Back to Tutorials clickable steps, providing links to the product pages of the products used in that section. Additionally, these product pages provide links back to the tutorials that the products are used in, thereby completing the loop of commerce.

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