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Travel on Trend

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 03, 2020

While Louis Vuitton is well known for its chic apparel and trunk collections, it has an unexpected leisure activity that will soon be well known. Through a new partnership with Apple Maps, Louis Vuitton’s international travel guides will make their mobile debut. 

The Louis Vuitton City Guides are excursion-ready catalogs filled with hidden gems and sightseeing recommendations by the luxury label. Louis Vuitton created guides for 30 cities around the world, including fashion capitals like New York City and Paris. The guides officially launched five years ago in print and online, but through a new collaboration with Apple, they will now be more accessible—and fully mobile. Louis Vuitton teamed up with the tech titan to bring the city guides to Apple Maps, where users can find free, city-specific suggestions to explore. For example, Louis Vuitton created a “24 hours in…” feature to help users prioritize where to visit and eat while in locations like Los Angeles and Berlin. The guides also include hotel recommendations and the nearest Louis Vuitton store locations to help users make the most of their trips. The partnership could help Apple align itself with luxury fashion consumers, as well as boost Louis Vuitton’s presence in the travel and tech industry. 

While Louis Vuitton’s City Guides will make their debut on Apple Maps, the luxury label has also remodeled a standalone mobile app so as to reach more travelers. The travel app features a postcard-sharing element, location-specific photo filters, and a new itinerary guiding feature, which gives users an inside look at how Louis Vuitton created each city’s guide. Additionally, the app includes language options in French, English, and Mandarin as well as an extended selection of free addresses and an audio-visual program to provide a more in-depth look at locations for those planning a trip. Given the plethora of products available on the Louis Vuitton City Guide app, its partnership with Apple Maps could serve as more of an introduction to its actual initiative, which could spur an increase in app downloads from those that catch a glimpse of the guides through Apple. Additionally, the widespread promotion of its city guides could help Louis Vuitton diversify its offerings beyond traditional luxury products, which could entice a new audience of consumers, according to a Gartner report.

The Louis Vuitton City Guides empower Louis Vuitton to style itself as more than a luxury label, but as a lifestyle brand too. The guides could give travelers a fresh look at the fashion house, which could help it draw in a new audience of dapper adventurers.