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Ulta Embraces All Beauty Buyers

By: Mackenzie Baker | May 19, 2020

Ulta is teaming up with digital site Refinery29 to connect with Latinx shoppers. 

Refinery29 is creating a new channel to reach the 60 million Latinx consumers in the United States. Ulta will be the brand’s main sponsor of the R29Somos channel, which will focus on Latinx inclusion across beauty, culture, entertainment, and lifestyle. The channel will feature varied video content, such as a beauty photo series and a spotlight on Gen-Z Latinx women, all containing Ulta products that viewers can then purchase through the site. This partnership could increase Ulta’s online sales, according to a Gartner report. The Latinx community is historically underrepresented in the beauty industry, despite spending 84% more money on beauty products than the rest of the general population. By working with Refinery29, Ulta could tap into the purchasing power of these Latinx consumers and begin to counteract the lack of representation for other minorities within the beauty industry. 

This is not Ulta’s first foray into marketing to Latinx consumers. The beauty chain saw a 21% increase in brand awareness from Latinx shoppers from 2016-2019 after advertising on Telemundo and PopSugar Latina. It also found sales success from the release of a Frida Kahlo Ulta Signature Box in 2019. R29Somos is Ulta’s second partnership with the digital media company, as it was also an original partner for Refinery29’s Unbothered channel for black millennial women. As it did for Unbothered, Refinery29 has set up individual social profiles to promote its R29Somos channel on Instagram and Facebook, plus a hashtag, #R29Somos, to be used on Twitter. 

R29Somos could signal a step forward for Latinx representation within beauty and pop culture. Ulta and Refinery29’s partnership could boost each brand’s consumer loyalty as the multichannel effort resonates with consumers in and outside of the Latinx community.