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Whisk Way to the Grocery Store?

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 18, 2020

Kroger serves a new shopping strategy with food platform Whisk. Through the partnership, consumers can search recipes and find what ingredients are in stock at their closest Kroger store. 

The grocer teamed up with Whisk, a virtual platform that uses artificial intelligence to convert recipes into shoppable lists. Using the technology, Whisk can tell users what ingredients are available at Kroger, including price and quantity, all within a mobile app. By pairing up with the platform, Kroger could drive more shoppers to stores or spur interest in its updated delivery capabilities. As Kroger recently revamped its own grocery delivery platform, working with Whisk could help it further plant roots in the online shopping industry. To begin the partnership, Whisk will work with Kroger in 35 states, giving users in those locations access to in-store products. Users can then go from the Whisk app to the Kroger app to order groceries for pick-up or delivery. 

While the meal prep partnership allows Kroger to promote its fulfillment options, it also helps Whisk streamline its strategy to help users plan and purchase products at the same time. By doing so, Whisk could motivate users to spend more time on its app or use it as a grocery shopping go-to for meal planning and ingredient discovery. With more consumers spending time at home cooking and baking according to a Gartner report, the timing of the partnership could prove beneficial, and potentially drive downloads for Whisk and sales for Kroger. The collaboration could captivate consumers, as their demand for safe, socially-distanced grocery shopping during the Coronavirus pandemic continues to rise. By making it easier for consumers to plan their purchases in advance, Whisk could grow a loyal customer base and set the stage for future integrations with Kroger. Additionally, if Whisk is successful with Kroger consumers, the mobile app could expand its features to grocery competitors, allowing it to grow a loyal following of grocery shoppers around the country. 

Meal prep via mobile app could inspire a steady stream of brand loyalty and engagement for Kroger, both during and after the pandemic.