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Create a winning email marketing strategy for your business

How can email marketing improve your strategic reach?

The way brands attract and engage with customers via email can make or break a campaign. But with so much noise, how do they stand out? Since email is a fundamental touchpoint, successful email marketing campaigns are backed by benchmarking and strategy. Success relies on a thoughtful approach to triggering interactions and the application of proven multichannel tactics.

Download our research to gain actionable, objective insights into email marketing best practices, leveraging data to personalize your email marketing efforts and navigate through evolving challenges. 

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    The analyst call was super helpful and highlighted areas in our communication plan we missed and sparked several ideas we had not thought about. Really good call, thank you!

    Director, Corporate Digital Strategy

    Marketing Client

    Build an optimized email marketing campaign

    CMOs can strengthen their email marketing campaigns by assessing how it’s used in the overall marketing mix. Important parameters to consider include what devices are used to receive communication, how automation is put in place to encourage outcomes and what levels of customization are integrated to connect with customers.

    Nearly 30% of marketers look to email marketing to drive sales conversions, while 20% look to email to increase customer loyalty and advocacy

    Insights you can use

    Gartner expert research and insights can take your organization's email marketing strategy to the next level. Discover how current market dynamics operate, learn where marketers go to execute or optimize their email campaigns, and find out why personalization is the current industry focus.

    Email communications in times of crisis

    Email is a critical component of any communications plan. It has the power to transform an ordinary message into something extraordinary. Learn the lessons from 2020 that CMOs must consider — and what companies should (and shouldn't) do to preserve trust.

    Plan for here, now and tomorrow

    It has become almost impossible to prioritize digital demands in a way that keeps up with customer needs. COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation and enterprises are now asking how they can adapt today, yet still plan for the future.

    Harnessing personalization to engage directly with customers

    Email provides an efficient, scalable and affordable marketing solution. When personalization is applied, brands benefit even further; relevant content minimizes friction and maximizes ROI. Uncover the four personalization tactics that can help marketers navigate the current recessionary environment.

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    How can we enhance email marketing success for your business?

    AARP saw the opportunity to deliver differentiated value that built on its reputation for exceptional customer service in digital. The AARP Member Experience Team recognized that major change was required from a technology, data and governance perspective to go from 25 years of a direct mail strategy to a personalized experience in the digital world.

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    Email marketing: Frequently asked questions

    An email marketing strategy is important because it maximizes the impact of a campaign while minimizing the chances of it being sent to a recipient’s trash or spam folder. Whether the goal is awareness, transaction or retention, a comprehensive email marketing strategy essentially ensures that important messages get the attention they deserve. Techniques that should be considered as part of an email marketing strategy include audience research and insights, contextual relevance and personalization. Discover how Gartner can help you drive engagement and build sustainable, scalable email marketing campaigns.

    Developing an effective email marketing campaign requires oversight of the end-to-end process, starting with analysis from previous campaigns and understanding that data, and an understanding of how to optimize it.

    Another key element of an effective email marketing strategy is a thorough understanding of your demographic. It’s vital that brands comprehend their audiences’ needs and wants. Without mapping out thoughts, behaviors, attitudes and motivations, CMOs run the risk of generic email templates that miss the mark. Gartner has the insights and the expertise to guide you through creating your next email marketing strategy — and building an email campaign that speaks directly to your customers for success.

    Not all email marketing campaigns are created equally. A common email marketing mistake is the creation of conventional “batch-and-blast” emails; these are often filed as spam, and in turn, a waste of valuable time and resources. A modern CMO is focused on the delivery of sophisticated, targeted campaigns that are designed to address customer touchpoints across multiple platforms and devices.

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