Developing an Effective Multichannel Marketing Strategy

Strengthen customer relationships and align multichannel marketing mix efforts to drive business goals

Perfecting a multichannel marketing mix strategy is no easy task

Marketing leaders are growing revenue through multichannel marketing, including digital commerce, social media, mobile marketing and the Internet of Things. Yet 40% of marketers surveyed say using advanced techniques to reach audiences at the right moments remains their top multichannel marketing challenge.

Use our research to learn how savvy social media marketers diversify their brand presence and identify opportunities for their messages to be heard more clearly and receptively.

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Invest beyond the 'Big 3' Networks to expand customer reach

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    I did not have the resources in house, or the talent, for the help that I needed and I needed it in a lot of different areas. I spent a lot of time with Gartner and the was really a team, helping me and my leadership team succeed and go to market quickly...all in all it was a team effort

    Leslie Doty

    Former CMO, Time, Inc

    The benefits of multichannel marketing are rooted in tools, talent and data

    The right insights and objectives can help you align your multichannel marketing efforts to data-informed customer personas, strengthen your team’s capabilities and demonstrate a direct impact on bottom-line results.

    A bar graph showing the top objectives of marketers, with the highest response being "increase general brand awareness"

    Multichannel Marketing Insights You Can Use

    Gartner’s multichannel marketing and cross-channel communication research will help you convert multichannel connections into purposeful, cohesive, ongoing interactions that meet customer and business expectations.

    How the COVID-19 Coronavirus Has Changed the B2C Marketing Approach in China and What Western Brands Can Learn

    The epidemic brought changes in consumer behavior, media consumption and social and e-commerce platforms that require brands to reprioritize digital investments and reconsider multi-channel marketing tactics.

    Align multichannel marketing initiatives to business goals

    When it comes to measurement and optimization of multichannel marketing campaigns, focus on three different categories of metrics around marketing opportunities.

    Prioritize critical capabilities to set multichannel marketing up for customer success

    Influence decisions made by customers in the moment by growing real-time cross-channel communication. Understand how and when to apply real-time techniques to multichannel marketing.

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