Marketing Technology and Emerging Trends

Learn how trends and new technologies impact the marketing vision, plans and budget

Show real returns on your martech investments

Our research reveals marketing technology represents 26% of marketing expense budgets, yet brands utilize just 58% of their marketing technology stack’s capabilities. How brands engage with people and their devices is transforming the customer journey and how marketers think about martech investments.

Download our research to uncover how to effectively evaluate and deliver a martech stack.

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    It's really helpful to make sure we're making smart investments, getting good ROI on our investments and are really on the path to driving incredible value through our digital transformation.

    Dawn Morris

    CMO, Webster Bank

    Align marketing technology spending with brand strategy

    Marketing budgets previously dedicated to technology are shifting toward services, as companies rationalize marketing investments and look to external partners to help support their use of martech. Successful brands align marketing technology investments to business goals and balance their use of internal talent and external services to remain competitive.

    Pie chart represents budget allocation for Martech areas.

    Strategic martech insights you can use

    Gartner research on marketing technologies and emerging technology trends can help you more effectively manage martech at global scale and achieve alignment between marketing technology, customer experience, and strategy.

    Decide which technologies are crucial to future-proofing your business

    Understand what’s hype and what’s proven across the technology landscape to identify which are relevant to solving your business needs. The Gartner Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising provides an overview for understanding which technologies to invest in and when, so you can invest wisely to serve business objectives.

    Lead digital transformation initiatives with confidence

    COVID-19 renewed the focus on optimizing marketing technology expenses while expanding the use of the martech stack. Watch our on-demand webinar to uncover the key findings from the Gartner 2020 Marketing Technology Survey and best practices for managing marketing technology initiatives.

    Where are CMOs investing?

    Our CMO Spend Survey Research will power you with information for staying ahead, including how CMOs manage their marketing investments within the organization and how budgets are changing in 2021.

    Know where you're headed: Gartner Digital Marketing Transit Map

    Digital territory is wide and complex. Planning and managing effectively takes a firm grasp on operational areas, applications, technologies and vendors — and how they all relate. With Gartner’s interactive Digital Marketing Transit Map, you can navigate the landscape.

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    How Innovation Drove Improved Engagement for an Auto Manufacturer

    Gartner helps a global auto and truck manufacturer increase customer engagement with innovative technologies.

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