Marketing Technology and Emerging Trends

Build effective martech capabilities that support marketing strategy

Disruptions Derail Progress in Martech Utilization

Only 42% of martech stack capabilities are used today, as compared to 58% in 2022.

Since utilization of existing capabilities has decreased, martech leaders should calibrate efforts and ensure that marketing technology investments return value, unlock data and enable growth. Our latest 2022 martech surveyed 324 senior marketing technology decision makers to investigate the state of marketing and communications technology acquisition, adoption and use.

Download the 2022 maretch survey to:

  • Maximize the utilization of your martech capabilities
  • Discover insights that CMOs can use to calibrate efforts and ensure that marketing technology investment return value, unlock data and enable growth.
  • Minimize waste and enhance martech effectiveness using agile methodologies


Download the 2022 Marketing Technology Survey Results

Optimize your martech stack & capabilities

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    Show real returns on your martech investments

    Marketing technology utilization tumbles into a new valley of unproductivity.

    To make better use of marketing technology investments and resources, and mitigate risks for future budgetary cuts, marketing technology leaders should consider the following:

    • Infuse marketing technology adoption and utilization goals into team performance objectives
    • Manage the risk of expensive integrated suite investments
    • Collaborate to overcome integration and utilization challenges
    • Adopt an agile approach


    Pie chart represents budget allocation for Martech areas.

    Strategic martech insights you can use

    Gartner research on marketing technologies and emerging technology trends can help you more effectively manage martech at global scale and achieve alignment between marketing technology, customer experience, and strategy.

    3 Keys to Successful Marketing Technology Integration

    An integrated martech stack can drive marketing efficiency and success. CMOs & Marketing Leaders must closely collaborate with IT organizations to achieve desired outcomes. This edition of our Chief Marketing Officer Quarterly Journal is helping CMOs uncover 3 keys to martech integration.

    4 Steps to Building an Agile Marketing Organization

    As teams use an agile approach to planning their martech roadmap, marketing leaders have more complex performance expectations than ever before. Use our 4-step guide to build a diverse and adaptable agile marketing team and stay competitive among rapid marketplace shifts.

    The Gartner 2022 Martech Survey: New Insights to Maximize ROI

    With the rise of economic uncertainty, the utilization of marketing technology capabilities has fallen substantially, despite consistently high investment. Watch this complimentary webinar where Gartner expert Benjamin Bloom shares insight into how you can calibrate efforts and ensure that marketing technology investments return value, unlock data and enable growth.

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    Marketing Technology questions Gartner can help answer

    Marketing technology enables CMOs to achieve business advantage through development of their martech ecosystem. Marketing technology remains a priority within the CMO’s portfolio, but as marketing budget challenges stubbornly stick around, operational excellence and resource optimization (including internal and external partners) remain critical.

    To evaluate and deliver an effective martech stack: 

    • Evaluate the balance between large and small vendors to enable the capabilities you need
    • Eliminate marginal or underutilized marketing technology and assess capabilities
    • Determine if sufficient depth in talent, training and organization is available to utilize the products in your stack

    Gartner Marketing Technology Case Studies

    It's really helpful to make sure we're making smart investments, getting good ROI on our investments and are really on the path to driving incredible value through our digital transformation.

    Dawn Morris

    CMO, Webster Bank
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    How Innovation Drove Improved Engagement for an Auto Manufacturer

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