Data Tools

Omnichannel 2020

2020, n=92 Brands

To benchmark omnichannel site enablement and digital marketing performance, Gartner tracked 92 retailers and select direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands with multiple brick‐and‐mortar stores. We then plotted them on a two-dimensional grid based on the degree to which they integrate omnichannel website capabilities and market those capabilities or their stores across email, social media and display advertising. About 60% of the 130 data points comprising this year's scores are based on brand site features that involve store locations and information, integrated in-store inventory and fulfillment. Key data points in these categories have been collected in past omnichannel studies, enabling longitudinal analysis.

The remainder of this year's scores incorporate brand efforts to market omnichannel content ‐ either drive‐to‐store or fulfillment ‐ to consumers through email, social media and display advertising between October 2018 and October 2019. Based on their aggregate performance, brands were assigned as Leaders, Streamliners, Undersellers or Laggards.