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STAMFORD, Conn., November 10, 2014

2014 Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference - An Inside Look

The annual Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference is taking place in Las Vegas next month. As the event approaches, we asked Mike Chuba and David Russell, analysts at Gartner and conference chairs, to share their thoughts on what to expect at the conference, along with important insights regarding the outlook for the data center market.

Q: What can attendees expect at the 2014 Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure and Operations Management Conference?

Mike: Attendees can expect a deep and broad agenda – the revised title of this event reflects the broad coverage – we are far more than just a “facilities” conference. We will cover traditional data center topics such as servers, storage, networking and operations, but we also look at topics such as cloud and web-scale IT and how  the “mobile first mentality” of many organizations is a having dramatic upstream impact on I&O.  

Q: This year’s Data Center theme is “Leading I&O: Delivering New Levels of Innovation and Productivity”. What are some of today’s most important I&O trends and technologies?

David: The rise of the web-scale IT approach taken by many of the “new age” organizations and the interest in efforts such as DevOps are just two examples that many organizations recognize that we cannot continue to do things as we have done them for the last 20 years.

The notion of “Software-Defined X (SDx)” or software-defined anything to deliver improved agility and quality-of-service is being heavily promoted across the various data center “silos,” but where and how quickly the benefits can be achieved depends upon the variant. Various flavors of cloud continue to advance, but many organizations still struggle with the role of the cloud, and what should and what should not be moved to the cloud today.

Q: What are the IT forces making new demands on the data center?

Mike: Mobile and the proliferation of data are having dramatic impact and pressure on the supporting I&O infrastructure. The number of devices that need to be supported, and the amount of data being created everyday are growing exponentially. All this data is having a dramatic impact upstream on servers, storage, networking, facilities and IT operations, not to mention creating new security challenges. Just extending what I&O has done the last five to 10 years will no longer work, as many organizations cannot continue to scale doing business as usual.

The other force having an impact is the pressure to deliver business solutions more quickly to market, and I&O’s role in support of that. I&O can no longer tell the business to get in line and wait for support. A new business initiative needs to work through the pipeline, often taking 12 months or more. Today business units who get that kind of response will do an end-around I&O and go shop outside – how I&O changes its approach, changes its culture, changes the mindset will be critical to I&O retaining a seat at the table.

Q: How can people effectively prioritize their I&O initiatives and elevate their leadership when it comes to the digital enterprise?

David: Gartner keynotes on the Integrated Data Center and Bimodal IT will provide specific advice on how to better respond to the business while at the same time providing ongoing support for those mission-critical legacy workloads that are the lifeblood of many organizations.

Our look into the newly released 2015 CIO survey will help I&O leaders be sure that their 2015 priorities are aligned with their bosses and the priorities of their bosses’ peers. Our leadership content will offer attendees the opportunities to not only strengthen their own management skills and change the culture of I&O but also give them the tools to be able to better manage the next-generation workforce.


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