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Gartner experts have worked with vast numbers of product leaders and their teams and know what it takes to make the successful product innovation, management and marketing decisions that drive growth. We provide the insights, advice and tools to help you make these critical decisions faster and smarter as you move along the product life cycle.

Gartner Product Management Framework

Is your product strategy competitive enough to drive top-line growth?

To help navigate the important tasks and issues in product management, explore the Gartner Product Management Framework, which is built around five key decision points along the product life cycle:

  • Product planning
  • Product development
  • Product introduction
  • Product life cycle management
  • Product leadership

Gartner Product Marketing Framework

To meet aggressive growth and retention goals, technology and service providers need a deliberate and consistent approach to product marketing. The Gartner Product Marketing Framework outlines the top challenges facing product marketing leaders and how to advance your key initiatives to drive growth, including:

  • Planning and segmentation
  • Product messaging and differentiation 
  • Product promotion and awareness
  • Product marketing impact 
  • Product marketing leadership

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